Admirable innovation; explore Quikr Nxt!

When we settled into a new house, a few years back, I was looking for a second hand furniture in a classified portal. I didn’t find anything convincing and after digging deep the pros and cons, we eventually bought new stuff. Our sofa we then bought is relatively old now and already ready for repair work because of my son’s Spider Man stunts. And it’s funny that I got a call just a couple of hours before, asking if I am still looking for furniture. How insane! Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate exactly where my ad was posted. I know it’s lying somewhere in the web portal and I regret to have added my personal phone number in the ad. But, of course, without the phone number, how can a potential seller or buyer contact you in such transactions?!

Today, while I read an article about the launch of a new feature, Quikr Nxt by Quikr, it was interesting to note that Quikr Nxt relaxes the buyer or seller from disclosing their personal contacts including phone numbers and email IDs publicly. Wonderful, isn’t? Quikr Nxt is a chat feature that one can use through their Quikr IDs. I admire this innovation as it is certainly helpful over phone calls.

First, for the privacy factor. I think twice before giving my phone number to even the second circle of my family and friends. There will always be disgusting people who send unrelated messages through What’s app and try to fish out private information. Giving away phone numbers for the sake of our personal business never seemed comfortable. With this regard, ‘double likes’ to Quikr Nxt.

Second, when I am selling something from my end, the price I quote might depend on the needs of the seller. If the seller sounds really excited about my product, I would want to quote the maximum price that I feel right. However, when I receive ten enquiry calls in an hour, how do I possibly remember what price I had quoted to whom. It would mean I must update a notepad with phone numbers and the conversation, every now and then. With Quikr Nxt, it is easy to trace my interaction with each customer. The saved chat messages can come handy when the person who I had spoken to before gets into further dealings.

Third, pictures of products can be shared real-time. As a buyer, if I am not satisfied with a product image which I think to buy, I need to call the seller to send more pictures. That means I would need to keep a check now and then to see if additional pictures were added. However, with the Quikr Nxt feature, the buyer or seller can take a quick snap of the product and send via chat instantly. What a comfortable technology!

Please do check the new Quikr Nxt feature and remember to protect your privacy the next time you post a ad in Quikr.

Happy Buying and Happy Selling!

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