Lend (No, Not Donation)! Help Devadasis!

Here we go with the next NGO I came across. To read about other NGOs, go here.

The Hope Project is a collaboration between Milaap and ASSET India Foundation. To tell you briefly what the Hope Project is:

Hope helps ex-devadasis across India to lead a better life. Mind that these women did not choose this profession by choice rather were forced upon. In fact, in the ancient days, girls at an young age were sacrificed to a temple to attend to the temple duties. That’s why the name ‘Devadasis’ came into being. Unfortunately, a few big men began using them in a different way and spoilt the practice to such an extent that today ‘Devadasis’ mean nothing more than prostitutes.


You may wonder, we are not living in ancient India anymore. Believe  me, even today, in several rural areas, the Devadasi practice is on, dooming the lives of many many innocent women. After a certain age when they will be of no use to anybody, they are thrown and looked down upon. And such women are given hope through the Hope Project by telling their stories across. Unlike other organizations, one is not expected to make a donation. They only ask you to lend some money, mostly to build a small-scale business to run their living. You will be repaid in 12-18 monthly installments. Milaap gives you the guarantee!

Here is the story of Ms. Shanthi and Group (this is just one story, you can check other stories too in their website):

They are a group of five from Uppiliyapuram, Tamil Nadu. They wish to start a masala powder business which requires a total of Rs.50,000. As I write this post (2nd March), they’ve collected Rs.2301 and need Rs.47,699 more to begin their work. If you lend the full amount, you will be paid a 18-month installment of Rs. 2777.77 per month from May 2014 to November 2015. You are, as well, welcome to lend any amount.

Update (5th March): Funded Rs.11,113.50, Still Requires Rs.38,886.50

Update (7th March): Funded Rs. 18,926.00 Still Requires Rs. 31,074.00

Update (9th March): Fully Funded! Please check the link below to view the stories of other people.

Click this link to lend now:


You may read other stories too to decide whom to lend to.

Photo Courtesy: http://milaap.org/campaigns/hope

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