Coffe(H)E Lov(H)ERS – A Valentine’s Day Special!

A lot can happen over coffee. Though Cafe Coffee Day claims so, there’s been happening a lot over our Rs.10 by 2 coffees too. Note my new philosophy: coffee leads to enlightenment 🙄

I should say I am privileged to be a member of 2 coffee-drinking groups at my work place – a She(s)-only group and a He(s)-only group. (Don’t worry about what I am doing in the second group because none of us do either :?) And the memberships’ outcome?? That I’ve become eligible to write the Part II of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus 😆 Well guys, just keep your hearts light and see what I’ve discovered over coffees with my He-She club members.

Sip 1. Top on their Minds???

The He-Club: The city traffic and as such the whole Bangalore infrastructure needs a revolution. Ok. There’s this new app in the android market for downloads. Ok. With 5 years experience his CTC should be this much. Period! Ok. Yesterday’s cricket ……blah..blah..blah (Blah for me as I don’t understand the cricket language). Ok. The market’s terribly down, bad situation. Ok. Weather is too bad to do anything. Ok.

The Me: It’s always an Ok in-between, they don’t agree/disagree or comment much about each other’s views). I like that. And every He thinks he knows everything about every politics, sports and city. (Do they actually, I doubt :)) Nevertheless, they make me feel that I am talking to experts 😎

The She-Club: Shopping. Clothing. Family. Mother-in-laws. Celebrities. Recipes. Husbands. Savings. Movies. School life. College days. Health. Other’s boyfriends. Songs. Weddings. Crushes. Orkut. Sarees. Children. Vegetables. Handbags. Nail polish. Jewellery. Shoes. Hair colouring. Photographs. Gas connection. Washing socks. Babies. Hair straightening. Mothers. Guys. TV serials. Weather. Roomates. BMTC buses. Dreams. Cousins. Facebook. Books. Sleep. SMS Jokes. Colleagues. Intuitions. Sisters. Fitness………Believe me all over a single coffee!

The Me: Sounds too much? They are! And when one leaves a small gap, the other picks up and the chain continues non-stop. Varieties and spontaneity – I love them(us) for this 🙂

Sip 2. Deep love for???

The She-Club: Mother-In-Laws: No, they absolutely cannot survive without remembering their MILs! MILs occupy so much of their brain space that I sometimes wonder if they were married to the mother-in-laws or the husbands 😐 And by all their descriptions, I could only imagine MILs as inspector generals inspecting every inch of their homes every fortnight 🙄 Such is their never-ending love for MILs all the time. And if at all we, unmarried girls got a chance to speak in between, it was because we spoke about our sisters’ mother-in-laws 🙁

The Me: Two women in love with the same man – Is it that bad? Well, they tell me that I am still innocent to understand why mother-in-laws have to be mother-in-flaws all the time. They also tell me it requires to be married to get enlightened on that. So, fingers crossed, waiting for my lady-love 😆

The He-Club: Bosses: I didn’t know men too grieve about other people. But there is a difference. They grieve with dignity. Especially if its a She-boss, there’s always a Mike Tyson jumping inside their brains boxing at her though in reality they behave absolutely gentle with their royal Queens 😳

The Me: I support them earnestly. She-bosses are tougher than their wives 😡

Sip 3.   Second Love for???

The She-Club: Their Maids!

The He-club: Politicians!

Sip 4.   Monday Mornings???

The She-Club: So they reached home on Friday evening…..Had dinner outside in the Italian Restaurant…..Slept well…..Woke up late on Saturday…..Husband’s breakfast felt better than their’s….Thinking about what to wear to the mall….Clothes spinning in the washing machine…..Hus watching cricket….Irritating…..Still deciding what to wear….Had to hurry for a bath…..At last got a kurta to wear on a jean……Quick lunch ready……Oops….didn’t realize kurta had to be given for dry cleaning…..Next change now…..Hus is restless…..Another kurta but matching earings missing….Hus is in tension now…..Somehow made to the mall…..First shop…..pretty jewelery set but expensive, didn’t buy…..Second shop……Favourite pink colour top but not fitting, didn’t buy……Third shop…..please excuse my memory after this for Saturday….Sunday began…..Hus’s friend came home…..Irritating….Had to be taken to sister’s house as a compensation…..Sis got a pretty blue saree….Sis’ mother-in-law wasn’t happy about it…..Had dinner…..Reached home…..How bad! Weekend was over 🙁

Uuf! This was their brief weekend 😮

The He-Club: Hahn bhai, weekend was good!

This was their weekend in brief 😯

The Me: The She-club sounded interesting until Saturday evening. After that I fell in for an attention deficit in between but I came back just in time when the mother-in-law part was being played, luckily that was the end of the reel 😉 The He-club – Do they have a weekend-specific amnesia? 👿

Sip 5.   Their Spouses???

The She-Club: They simply enjoy going on and on and on about their husbands, be it on anything. And every time I hear about them, somehow this feeling of  “poor fellow” gets attached 😆

The He-Club: I sometimes doubt if they really live with their wives. Wives are kept so secretive. They don’t spill a word about them. Can somebody please tell me why?

Sip 6.   Humour???

The She-Club: Coffee spills. Giggle. Fingers hurt. Giggle. Tissue paper flying away. Now gigg….giggl…..lau…..LAUGH!

The Me: They don’t need a reason to giggle, they do at almost any normal stuff. A lot of Oh My Ghoshs, eeks, sheeshs, woos, wows and high-pitched squeals of delight – it’s all N-O-R-M-A-L!

The He-Club: Coffee spills. Never mind. Fingers hurt. It happens. Tissue paper flying away. Well, let’s take another one.

The Me: Especially somebody like me with a V.V.poor laughing threshold, it’s embarrassing to laugh aloud amidst these morons. I will have to cut on my laughter in the middle way every time to stay dignified 😈

Sip 7.   Silence???

The She-Club: Silence can only be a phantasy! If at all it happens even for few seconds, it means something’s terribly wrong 😯

The He-Club: It’s not unusual. Probably that’s when they take time to look at women :mrgreen: And after few sips of deep thinking, someone remembers the newspaper headlines and then it’s all greek for me 😡

Sip 8.   Guys/Girls???

The She-Club: That blue-checks guy is handsome? Well, it’s declared openly. And all are open to have a look at him and voice their opinions on this. That tall guy is really tall? Everybody is signaled not to turn and look. Everybody understands the signal. And everybody turn at once to admire his height 😆 Believe me, I love girls (us) for this.  And the next day it doesn’t matter if the blue checks comes in red stripes, their memory is strong enough to spot them out.

The He-Club: All men like pretty women! They sip their coffees as though they are unmindful of the girl, but I can see their eyes following 🙂 And there are no open declarations here. Probably because there’s still a girl amongst them or pertaining to the fact that ALL our He-club members are married Hes.  There’s one more thing here. Though pretty girls are liked, they all have a problem with female faces which are slightly overly painted. They give a look as though the girl sitting across’ pink mascara is impairing their visions. I sometimes worry if my matching-matching earrings and bangles irritate them

Sip 9.   Gossips???

The She-Club: In their genes! From far if you want to spot out a gossip, watch for this: At once all the girls will leave their relaxed posture and converge their heads towards the centre with shining eyes – it means something’s going on 💡 I especially love the facial expressions and the hand movements attached to it. And they just don’t care who’s being damaged and what’s being damaged, sometimes it’s like character assassinations 😆 And the best thing I enjoy in the She-club!

The He-Club: Before I joined this club, I assumed men are innocent and don’t do this stuff. C’mon girls, they aren’t! It’s just that they don’t make an apparent move towards the centre. And their hands don’t move. Otherwise totally functioning in their genes too, accompanied by a wicked smile 😮

Sip 10.   Now who pays the bill???

The She-Club: Realistic! See everybody works hard to earn a penny. So be just, take a calculator and let’ do some mathematics

The He-Club: Whichever wallet comes out first! C’mon, I carry a wallet too 😆

So what’s the over-all enlightenment?

With the She-club, I see the little girl in me popping out with bubbles of giggles and gossips. And with the He-club, I see the mature professional woman in me carrying herself with poise and dignity (Do I??). And which one do you think I prefer?

I love both of these!

Too much little girl will make me insane. And too much dignity would make me serious. I enjoy playing both the characters – complementing and completing each other. That’s why I started this post saying that I am privileged.

So folks, let’s acknowledge our differences though belonging to the same species and celebrate a wonderful Valentine’s Day 😛

Thankful to all the He(s) and She(s) – you all have helped me discover the ME in me. Special thanks to Nabeel for coming up with this title (Yes, a member of the He-Club)!

And as I always say, add-ons are welcome!

(Guess, the longest post I’ve ever written. Excuse me for that).

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    1. First comment! Imagine if you were with us in the she-club now. 10 points would have doubled and in the first place you wouldn’t have let me write amidst your laughters and roars 😉

      Thanks Sush for your faithful reading and thoughtfulness to share on FB.

  1. nandu
    excellent job…really i was laughing full time nd enjoying reading all the facts about she -clubs which are all very true and the boring conversations of he -clubs.
    Well…wish u too nd thanks for HAPPY VALENTINE DAY ‘s coffee this morining.
    so we ‘ll continue this chats over coffee and will Rock-on
    every time with our usual gigling and laughing nd gossiping and taling abt our crushes…..

    Rock on……………………….

    1. //boring conversations of he -clubs//

      No comments 😆

      //gossiping and talking abt our crushes…..//

      I had left this option to the readers to guess what I’d written is reality or imagination. You’ve spoiled it 😆

      Yes, we will rock the tables for more long hours until one day somebody force throws us 😯

    1. Head of the She-club penned down in my blog, what an honour! You and Heps exactly know every scene which was written down. Thanks is a small word to both of you.

  2. Nandu
    really gr8 work.
    Being a Girl,U narrated She club’s idiotic and senseless conversration quite nicely and it seems He club’s Discussions are relay OHT for you though you enjoyed throughly hahahahah(Our Pleasure).
    congrts for writting good piece of work.
    keep writting.
    take care

    1. //She club’s idiotic and senseless conversration//

      Opposition parties’ comment against //boring conversations of he -clubs// ?????

      Well, in a way we are! And we are not ashamed to be idiotic and senseless, at least we are not boring 😆

      OHT…??? Ha! No, actually you guys were always patient enough to educate me.

    1. It reminds me of the coffee we had while I said you all about my plan to write on this. That day was really fun with your conclusion “Girls speak and then think. Guys think and then speak”. Thanks again. Glad to have a regular reader from you.

  3. I simply loved this post !! Wow !! Wonderful and useful insights into the psyche of males and females !!
    Keep up the good writing. 🙂

  4. lively narration, good work

    \ Wives are kept so secretive. They don’t spill a word about them. Can somebody please tell me why?\

    Wife doesnt like , if her husband discuss about her to his frnds. Moreover the men’s brain has different cabin for home and office, he (mostly) never spk anything about home in office. Women’s brain s not arranged, u can find any information everywhere, and so one is linked with other, thats y its bubbly, narrative and funny 🙂 🙂

    1. So that ‘somebody’ is you? 😉

      Thats a wonderful explanation Dinesh. I agree on that. I guess the more we dig into this topic, the more brilliant are the differences 😆

      Thanks Dinesh!

  5. Wonderful post! The thorough research with which you have dissected the two sexes as per their thinking maps makes for an incredible reading experience! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot! Its indeed a never-ending research and the fun is how one is dependent on the other for just everything in their lives. Yet another thing to marvel at God’s creation!

      Welcome here and keep penning down your thoughts.

  6. Hilarious…..Awesome!!!

    Your writing brims with verisimilitude and it has a distinctive flow that I really enjoyed reading!! You are Very Gifted Nadhu! Keep going!!

    1. Thanks so much Suja! Yes, gifted with all-time amusing people around me, so can’t help seeing the funny side of every passing-by day. Do keep visiting pages from serendipity and leave your thoughts as well.

      PS. For those of you like me: verisimilitude means the quality of appearing to be true or real 😉

    1. You’ve been a constant encouragement, Kavi. Its really a good feel when people leave a comment after the reading. Thanks a lot for that time you give.

  7. Hi Nandhini,

    Really great …!! VERY NICE BLOG to read and feel the experience.I am reading this post again and again.You have penned well about the nature of two sexes.its Awesome…..!!!

    Keep it up.All the best.

    1. I am surprised that people who usually read and give comments in person or phone, for the first time have taken time to write a comment 😉 Would love comments from you for every post here. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi Nandhini ,

    Got this URL from my fren in FB ..thot of checking out ..once i started reading abt He and She club I jus went on n on ..u have the power of captivating readers through ur word power ..amazing ..I just loved it ..u hav really put down the differences in humorous way which is jus a Wow 🙂

    keep writing,

  9. Welcome Vandana. Thanks to your fren whosoever it is. And thanks a lot for your sincere time and appreciations. Laughing out at the differences is the only thing we can do about it 🙂

  10. That was a worthy sequel to Men are from Mars…. surely 😀 and a very wise observation about being part of both the groups to maintain the balance.

    1. Yeah……it’s an interesting observation infact! And what Ive mentioned is just little. The points are actually increasing day by day. Coffee Lovers Part 2 might get published soon 😉 Thanks a lot mam! Your rolling pin does look really scary 😉

  11. Ha ha ha! I was toying with the idea of changing the profile pic but I guess it goes perfectly with my nagging identity. So she stays, rolling pin and all 😀

    1. No, No. The pic shouldn’t be changed no matter what. She helps me spot your blog posts at a quick glance through Indivine posts. And hence she needs to stay 😆

  12. Nice fun; and well narrated too. I would love to be a member of one of these groups (doesn’t matter which). Keep dishing out the smiles Nandini.

    1. Sure, it’s great fun listening your ear out, talking your heart out and laughing your belly out with these groups

      Welcome Debojit. Honoured for your time and appreciation. No matter where you are and what you do, collect people and do start a coffee drinking club, spending few minutes a day. It’s great fun!

  13. Wah…nandhu Wah…!! Actually Iam short of vocabulary (as if Iam gud at it ;-)) to appreciate you….

    Rocking, captivating, honest, genuine, mature, cool headed etc…!

    //They don’t need a reason to giggle, they do at almost any normal stuff.//
    I go with you….(But have always wondered as to why they do it since time immemmorial ;-))

    I liked your emoticons which get your message across effortlessly/adds a lovable flavor to it…..

    I wish you had been a fellow blogger when I was actively blogging…..(a justification for not being a regular here! ;-))

    I envy your creativity but more than anything Iam happy for you…..:-)

    Congrats n Keep rocking as ever (also excuse me for the lengthy comment)

    1. Your’s is one comment I always wait for every post here

      C’mon, don’t talk to me about your vocab. Am a big time fan of your writing and choices of words, esp your tamil skills.

      //But have always wondered as to why they do it since time immemmorial//

      One thing we feel uncomfortable being around with guys is that they’ll make us feel lunatics if we giggle or laugh. Some take an indirect sense that only a girl who wants to attract attention does that (No, not my He-club hes, they are genuine beyond words). But with a group of girls, there is soooooooooo much freedom to laugh. The little girls in us comes out so easily with other girls. And that’s being ourselves.

      It’s just a temporary lapse, Hari. Am sure after your thesis work, you’ll come back to full-fledged blogging.

  14. I was rolling when I read this! Hilarious post! ahah!
    This reminds me of the times when I used to have those sessions in the bar with my colleagues when I was with HP in Hyderabad.

    I was the youngest and only single, amongst all the married men in their thirties and forties.

    this is what happened to them all the time

    Peg 1: About work
    Peg 2: About Boss
    Peg 3: About Customers
    Peg 4: About Wife and children
    Peg 5: About ex girlfriends, extra marital affairs
    Peg 6: Vineet, drive us back home now !

    1. Hahahhah! That was a good one. I’ve never met anyone who has shared their bar experience though I wish I got such a chance to write a post on that 😉 The funny part with drinkers losing their heads off is that gradually with every peg, the topic moves from general to personal and into their hearts.

      Thanks a lot Vineet! Welcome here and please continue sharing your thoughts as well 🙂

  15. Hehe.. this is nice and fluffy…
    interesting topic!
    It would have been nice if you took some side and bombarded the other party
    So we could also dig it, fight with swords, make a merry and sleep thinking, we played our role 😛
    Now, I can just appreciate like a nice guy

    Nice read!

    1. C’mon, it’s so common to take a side and bombard!

      Both behave funny in their own ways. Women are openly funny and men try to hide being funny though a nagger like me can never leave them dignified 😉

      Thanks Aakash and you have a nice blog too!

  16. Loved your sip by sip account.

    Women who cannot talk beyond their husbands, kids, servants are mind numbingly boring.
    And strangely most men cannot talk beyond office – a colossal shame!

    Laughed the loudest @ MILs occupy so much of their brain space that I sometimes wonder if they were married to the mother-in-laws or the husbands

  17. //Women who cannot talk beyond their husbands, kids, servants are mind numbingly boring//

    That’s what I used to feel too. In fact I held a pride in not belonging to this mundane category of women until I joined my she-club. Though their thought process is programmed with those little silly stuffs, there is an admirable openness in their words and the spontaneity in their stories never leaves me boring 🙂

    //And strangely most men cannot talk beyond office – a colossal shame!//


    Thanks Purba! Welcome here, hope to see you more often.

  18. LMAO
    Fantastic post. I’m so glad I checked this out first instead of your post ‘[W♀] x [HAT + OMEN + ANT] = What Men Need 2 Know!’

    The He-Club & She-Club .. gotta love it ! I’m quite happy to be a part of both .. somehow I’ve always found a way into the He-Club; its harder being a part of the She-Club .. I’m still coming to terms with the giggles, gossip of it all hehe but its fun !

    Thanks for the bloggy love on IndiBlogger and on my blog too 🙂

    1. //its harder being a part of the She-Club //

      I know, Ive been through too many times. But its fun, really fun!!!

      Sporadic reflections is an awesome blog. Love your topics.

  19. She’s are more emotional than he’s atleast the majority of them are(They ought to be, right)
    She’s are more materialistic than he’s(They ought to be, right)
    She’s are more impatient than he’s(They ought to be, right)
    She’s do good only and only when they feel good he’s feel good when they do good(They ought to be, right)
    She’s get over a relationship failure a lot faster than he’s do{Most he’s have to meditate to get over}(She’s ought to be like that, right)
    She’s do not look good with beards and moustaches he’s do(HE’s OUGHT TO, RIGHT)
    Let me stop right here as most she’s might wrongly feel that i am sipping from an empty cup or rather they may feel I am she-bashing out here (I ought to stop,right)

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