Back to School

It was a conversation over a dinner with my good old childhood friend about our school days, which has incited me to start this chapter on back to school

“You know what, I wish I could have studied ‘electromagnetism’ more sincerely…..and also that part on ‘waves’!!!”

“Why even, ‘relativity’ ….and that ‘thermodynamics’ …were over my head all the time!!!”

  “Hehe, that guy, what’s his name?  I guess ‘Bohr’! We should have shown some interest in his boring ‘atomic model’ maybe…” 

   “Hmm….could have put little more effort!!!” 

…and our conversation trailed off…. both of us having a pretty long list!!! Reflecting upon those memories, we both had a mutual regret that we could have learnt our subjects much better then. 

It is not that we did not learn anything at all. There were quite a few in our discussion which brought pleasant memories of learning to the surface too.

“Remember the genetics classes???? Those Mendel’s experiments….and….human reproduction (I guess there’s a universal affinity to this one :))….that first chapter on Newton’s laws in class six…..”  Well, Not bad! Not bad! 

Invariably we had to continue complaining our teachers and the education system we had had, our school not excluded, of course! Slowly our plates were getting emptied with our consolatory notes  ‘Its ok. Anyway now we have a job, bank balance, does it matter if we understood magnetism or not?’ 

How I wish now we go back to our classes and redo all that physics, chemistry and math! I am sure there are many more like us in this context. 

I think, we are never too old to learn the basics again. It shouldn’t be debated as to why it is necessary to learn them all now. When we redo our old concepts again, doesn’t it give us a sense of an inner fulfillment? Imagine those theories buried half way in the deep layers of the mind. By completing the learning and letting them rest in peace, aren’t we cleansing those unseen layers? In fact it is a common dream that I hear people say over many years that in the dream they go back to school, trying to clear the exams, but then they go late or forget the uniform or didn’t prepare for the exam and they woke up panicked. Let’s try to stop those dreams! 

Practically we cannot spend 12 more years with those ancient text books. So I make an attempt here to write about practical, everyday science in a simple and fun-filled language, unlike the huge CBSE text books 🙂  For sure, I will have to refer to google, so you can rely on my posts 🙂  This is for mediocre graduates like me, if Harvardians or IITians happen to cross these pages, kindly excuse us, please click on ‘next blog’ 😉

If there should be any topic you would like to learn now, don’t hesitate to bring it to our notice, may be there are 100 more wanting to learn the same stuff! 

Hope along with reminiscences of happy school days, there will be happy learning too! 

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  1. I like the idea very much. One correction – CBSE science text books have far more illustrations than the stateboard or matriculation books had. I like to be a part of this. Will think of something.

  2. hehe, nandhindhin di, though the thought never ever cross my mind…i think we should leave a few stuff to our imagination and make life more colorful…not try and know evrytin…leave a few stuff not knowing…but im a regular to your blog so i guess i will be happily learnin as well 🙂

  3. hmmm…reminds me that when we “guys” talk about ‘school days’ the subject and the texts are probably the last thing(if there were such a thing)on our mind….;P Happy blogging Nandhu

  4. @ Riya

    Leave electricity and thermodynamics to your imagination???? ….NO! Thats dangerous. I know science cannot mean colourful to you, better follow my posts 😛

  5. Thats really true nandhu, Even today i get dreams where i will be still writing on my answer sheet and invigilator will be pullin my paper saying “Its time up” or sometimes i dream of waking up late on the exam day 🙂 . Finally i will wake up with a big shout ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa then realise that it was just a nightmare.. 🙂

    1. Hhahhahah…..! I know, me too still get such dreams! It’s all about something we feel we haven’t prepared yet for in the reality…….a guilt, a regret…!

  6. Didn’t realize tat so many ppl get similar dreams. For me, these dreams are worse than the ones mentioned here. I either completely forget tat there’s an exam and miss the exam or realize tat i have prepared for a different subject altogether when the Q paper is given 🙂

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