DIY: How Do-It-Yourself can be interesting to Children?

diy for children

To children, DIYs are interesting, especially when it is done in partnership with an elder. It feels very precious to them – the whole process of discussing an idea, setting up a work place, procuring the materials and tools, outlining the work and working on it step by step. There’s excitement and anxiety as they wait for the completed work. There’s a sense of achievement and a sense of appreciation as they see a finished work. Not to be missed, there’s a special bonding that develops during the work. It’s a special time for them because their team is focussing on that one thing which is extraordinarily amazing to them. To my boy, his mom is the best carpenter for him, because she made his first house ever! 

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Funvention: DIY Cardboard 3D Model Puzzle Kit

funvention review

We recently tried Funvention’s 3D model kit. The kit offers interesting building time with its pre-cut cardboard parts to create a 3D model. Each kit comes with materials and instructions for one specific model. We have the Apatosaur and Goldimo building models, of which the first is covered in this post. You can check Funvention’s Amazon…

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