I for Insecurity – Are my children safe?

praying mom

“I am not God, I am not a doctor, not even a fortune teller. How can I be sure if my baby is alright?!” was one of the doubts I used to have when my first baby was born. This tiny human being was my responsibility. I am supposed to be aware of everything around him and for him. Is his cradle a safe place? Are there chances that he might fall off from it? Can I make him sleep next to me on the bed? Will I unknowingly rest on his hand in sleep? Is the floor clean enough to let him crawl? What if that imaginary, from-nowhere, dangerous insect nears him? How long should I hold him when he tries to walk? If he falls down and there’s blood on his lips, should I take him to a doctor? Can I make him sit in water for long while bathing? Will he catch cold? How much should I cover him when we go outside? How much heat, how much cold, how much this and how much that?!!!

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