D for Disorientation – How did the cooker weight reach the lego box?

Confused mom

All of us experience continuous flow of thoughts in our heads, don’t we? When this thought process is intermitted by a phone call or a door bell, we might come back to the same line of thoughts or pick up a new one. With either, the continuity of the flow of thoughts is reclaimed. However, when attending to babies or looking after little children, especially those who are talkative, our thought process gets disturbed frequently leading to a miserable discontinuation of the flow. The demand to catch up on more than one activity at the same time, in addition to the suspended thought flow can sometimes make a mom confused (atleast, if ‘disoriented’ sounds exaggerated). Hence, when moms say that they are busy, they actually mean they are multi-tasking. When they say they don’t have time for themselves, they mean that it has been a while since they got lost in thoughts. Here’s a 10-minute example of what happened today morning.

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