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Play and be merry

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Play and be merry

Somewhere along being a mom, somewhere along staying at home, somewhere along witnessing my little ones grow, somewhere along making handmade play things for my son – yes, along a lot of ‘somewheres’, I have discovered something that would keep me excited at this phase in life. How long or how wide it can branch out, I do not know; But I do know it would tap the creative being in me, it would bring meaning to children’s playtimes and most of all, it would make children – Play and Be Merry!

There’s much I would like to share about this space which I am in the process of building up with much thought, love and care. Over the past few months, I’ve been doing this and that, here and there, learning, trying, searching, understanding and I’ve come to terms to move ahead warm and slow. Perhaps, it might take a while before this whole thing can blossom to its full essence. For now, here’s my first creation to mark the simple and humble opening of Play & Be Merry!

Handcrafted Play Set

Handmade christmas play set

Short Description: Made of non-woven felt and recycled cardboard, this enchanting Christmas Play Set includes a play mat as a snow play yard, a gingerbread doll house with Christmas decors, a Christmas tree with ornaments, Santa Claus, a sleigh, a reindeer, gifts, a fireplace and seven play characters.

For detailed description, specifications and additional images, click on the image above.

Price: Rs. 1200 (Free Shipping within India)

A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Let me come back soon with more news!

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