At the Zebra-crossing of Evolution!

Z – At the Zebra-crossing of Evolution!

Post #26 of the series: Instilling Social Equality in Children

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I began writing the last post of the series. The titles, a few words here and there, some quotes – all flashed in my mind in an instant.

The last 30 days were like pulling out all the books from the shelves of the library and rearranging them back to the shelves (not in the alphabetical order, ha!) but according to what’s meaningful and most relevant to the children of today. That is, undoing the things from the mind that is not so very relevant to the next generation.

Sometimes it made me think that how we lived our life is not as important as what we are passing to the next generation. It’s like we are at the zebra-crossing, having waited for sometime, the pedestrian go signal is finally beeming green. And we have very litte time before which we should pass on to the next generation a more refined form of lives than we had ours. It’s a great responsibility for it’s impact can be felt even after a thousand years in the hearts and minds of the humans who would exist then.

How biased or prejudiced the mother in me is, I might not know for sure, but in the last 30 days, the writer in me surpassed several beliefs that had been lying without being contemplated upon. The beliefs that we need to exist within ourselves and co-exist with others are simple and not many, but over generations, the human race had added innumerable beliefs upon the core beliefs. What the last 30 days showed me was there’s more undoing to do than adding anything new.

I started the series with very little hope in dissolving social inequalities. I think my belief is not the same now. I think my belief in hopelessness has began to undo to see the core belief within, which is, the next generation is always a hopeful thing.

Just that, we have only two choices – to evolve or repeat!

Thanks, this series could not have been pulled up this long without your thoughts toward it.

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  1. I love the hard hitting topics you have taken head on. These are somethings every parent needs to read and honestly think about. We are indeed at the cross roads and which way we go will decide our future…

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