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Babies are born with the knowledge of oneness.

Whatever happened as these babies grew up, they began harming people, creating boundaries, nurturing untouchability, and demolishing places of worship.

This post is a gentle reminder to preserve that sense of oneness in the children of our homes.

O – Oneness!

Post #15 of the series: Instilling Social Equality in Children

If I started this post saying that all humans are one, all Gods are one, and all religions are one, not many will bother to read the post further, because we don’t believe in oneness. Of course, we don’t have the time and priority to nurture oneness because no one taught us in the first place.

I don’t want to feign that I am farther in the spiritual path, but with whatever baby steps I have taken, I strongly believe that all of us are progressing towards that oneness. Today the world might be fighting, which is inevitable. If you knew we are the 14th species of humans. That means we competed with 13 others to survive on earth and we succeeded. So it is in our nature to continue the fighting spirit to evolve as the fittest.

And one day when the fight seems meaningless, we will eventually trace our paths inwards to where we all originated from. What we call this as the spiritual revolution is happening silently within many in the world, even now as we are reading this.

A few years ago, I had been to a neighbour’s house. They were a new couple in our apartment then and she took me around their newly furnished house. Something that I saw in their house for the first time made me feel an instant connection to what we call oneness. They didn’t have a separate pooja room or a place of worship. In the top rack of one of the usual cupboards, there was a tall brass lamp lighted and nothing else. Apparently, they followed a saint who discouraged idol worship. The simplicity in ‘their’ form of divinity impressed me. It gave me a jolt back from a slumber that I could not define. Since then I’ve been downsizing my pooja room with every new house we move and I envision myself in another decade embracing a single lamp as the divine source.

The reason I wish to recollect this experience here is that, if your mind is in sync with the feeling of oneness, or if you sense your child’s is, let’s nurture it even more. I don’t mean that one necessarily need to downsize the altars at home. What I mean is in our mental space, if we begin to move closer towards the ‘faith’ we believe in, leaving behind the distractions of all the man-made tags, our progress towards oneness can become efficient.

Oneness and social equality

I believe in a higher source that guides us and I don’t find my belief much different from that of atheists or people of other faiths. I am using a rope clung to the summit to climb up the mountain; atheists are as well climbing beside me, just that they are not using the rope. And people of other faiths are using different aids such as a ladder to climb up.

Eventually we will all reach the summit one day!

But how sooner or later depends on how much we are in peace with the oneness. The more we are distracted on the way by criticizing other’s aids and feeling superior about our ropes or ladders while stagnating at the same point, the more delayed will be our progress.

Sengcan-Quote-Be at peace in the oneness of things and all errors will disappear

If we spent time to contemplate on oneness, inequalities within us will have no other go but disappear. It might indeed sound abstract to us who we have been introduced to multiple versions of oneness. However, from a young age if we tread our children in the path of unity and oneness, that’s the best any generation can do to their legacy. 

I leave this notion without further explanation for that’s how we can figure out our individual inclinations.

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