DIY Felt Snowman – Christmas Decor

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Easy-to-do felt snowman!

It’s that season of the year again when our homes and our spirits sparkle together! Happy Season’s Wishes from our part of the globe to all the readers. 

Snowman decors have been one of the exciting part of our Christmas decorations this year. One of his larger versions has been swinging in glory from our window grills, spreading joy and smiles in the little children who play straight down the stairs to him. 

If felt Christmas decors interest you much like it does to me, check this quick guide for DIY felt hanging snowman. It wouldn’t take you more than half-an-hour to bring on this young man to your home. 

Here’s what you will need:

materials required for felt snowman
  • Non-woven felt (You can get felt sheets from the stores or order them online)
  • Buttons (You can be creative for this one)
  • Sticks for the hands (I have used real sticks from the trees)
  • Tools required include hot glue gun (be far, the best tool for sticking felt pieces together), scissors and markers.

Getting started

Using markers, draw the shapes you want for the snowman’s hat, face and body on respective coloured felt sheets. I have made both sides of the snowman so that it would make a great decor when the snowman is let to hang from a window or ceiling. 

I have made one side of the snowman’s hat in black and the other side in red, and one side of his scarf in red and the other side in green. The colours are something you can play with. 

Here are the cut shapes for the respective parts of the snowman:

step by step guide to make felt snowman

When the pieces are ready, switch on the hot glue gun. Wait for a few seconds to begin sticking them together. Doing the hat is simple. I have put a point settia decor on the hat on both sides. For the face, put up the eyes and the nose. To make the nose protrude out from the face, use a stick and roll felt over it. Close one end of it with felt and stick the other end on to the face (refer to the image below). 

making snowman's nose

Fix the buttons for his coat and glue the sticks for his hands. Wrap the scarf on both sides and there he is, ready to light up your home!

diy snowman

To make the snowman hang, punch a hole on top of the hat and insert a small, sturdy piece such that it can hold the weight of the snowman. Here’s how he is going to look when you will hang it from your window, wall or ceiling. 

hanging snowman

Yeah, making a snowman out of felt is this simple!

If it inspires you, take out the materials, and bring home your snowman. 

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