Kinetic Sand – Indoor Play Sand for Kids

kinetic sand for kids

Do your kids love playing in sand?

Are they fond of building sand castles? 

Are they obsessed with beach play? 

If you answered yes to even one, your next item to your shopping cart is definitely this one –

Kinetic sand! 

Imagine sand in the form of a slime which can run smoothly down your palms like a snail. This is what has made this product so popular among young sand players.

Kinetic sand is an indoor play sand for kids available in stores and online portals. It is made of 98% sand and the rest is a binding material which keeps the sand particles sticking to each other. That is, unlike natural sand, it does not scatter around and make the play area messy.

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How can it enrich your kids’ playtime?

Not many of us live near a beach or have the privilege of having an exclusive clean sand pit for our kids. Kinetic sand replaces real sand, and in fact, with added entertainment by its physical property. Here’s how it shall benefit your children:

Playing with sand aids in calming down – be it an adult or a kid

Allowing children to spend some time playing with sand adds a subtle well-being to their emotional development. Having your fingers move through sand for a while is relieving and can be an effective stress-buster. Don’t be surprised if you buy it for your kids but find yourself obsessed with building mountains with them 😆

It expands the boundary of your child’s imagination

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It has been the construction material for the CAT trucks to load and unload. It has been the perfect material for making shapes with the clay moulds. It has been the make believe happy birthday cake for everyone’s birthday parties. And it has been and continues to be much more in my son’s hands every time he takes it out to play.

Of course, improves dexterity! 

How many messy stuff do we really give our children to handle? The moment we attach ‘messy’ with something, it becomes the most prohibited thing of play for them. But, what we miss to understand as parents is that, the more they mess, squish and squeeze something with their hands, the more is their tactile development. Kinetic sand prepares their fingers for bigger intricate actions and fine art works.

It comes in many colours and that adds to how creatively it can be used

This is a surprise. What you see in my pictures is the natural sand colour form. Also know that kinetic sand comes in several colours, making it all the more fun and interesting for kids.

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What should you know about Kinetic sand before buying?

It doesn’t dry up and doesn’t scatter around

It feels like the dry-wet version of the regular sand. Wonder how can that be? It doesn’t stick to your hands. But it sticks fantastically well with itself. The little here and there spreading-out can be gathered easily together by gently pressing with your fingers. You will give a big no if your child were to ask you to bring in sand from the park to play. You sure don’t want to add mess to whatever that already exists at home. If there’s something that replaces real sand so well and yet doesn’t give you much trouble, will you say no? I bet you wouldn’t!

Make a small play sand box to further save mess

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Yes, it isn’t much after work to clean up. Yet, if you still want to narrow down where your kids can play with it, convert a cardboard to a small sand play box by wrapping it with a plastic sheet, like what you can see in the image above.

It is safe and non-toxic for kids

Kinetic sand is gluten free and isn’t harmful if kids happen to take to their mouths. But, that doesn’t mean you can allow them to do it 😉

Not for below 3 years of age

Yes, you must have guessed it and be extra careful if you buy it for your older child and you also have a toddler lurking around.

If it all sounds good, click on the images below to check more details and to place an order.

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