Handcrafted Christmas Play Set

Handmade christmas play set


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Handmade christmas play set

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Fuel the imaginative minds of your little ones with this enchanting Christmas Play Set!


What’s included in the Christmas Play Set?

(Scroll down to find the images and dimensions of the correspondingly numbered items)

1.  Snow Play Yard: The foldable snow play yard serves as a play mat. It is provided with a hook and loop (velcro) for securing, on folding.

2. Gingerbread Doll House: The base of the gingerbread doll house can be fixed/removed on/from the play mat using velcro. The doll house includes an open-close door on the front and a fully open rear side. The roof of the gingerbread doll house is decorated with 24 colourful, candy decors. The rest part of the doll house can be decorated with the following 7 attachable/detachable decors:

  • Christmas Wreath
  • Mini Christmas Tree
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Candy Cane
  • Christmas Bells
  • Windows (2 No.s)
  • Star 

3. Snow Men (2 No.s): The snow men can be attached/detached at four different points provided on the snow play yard.

4. Christmas Tree: The two-sided Christmas tree is a two-piece tree attached at the tree top and open-ended at the base. On opening, the base self supports the tree. It is provided with the following 8 attachable/detachable Christmas ornaments:

  • Star (Tree Topper)
  • Ornament (2 No.s)
  • Christmas Bell (2 No.s)
  • Gift Box (2 No.s)
  • Heart (2 No.s)
  • Christmas Bauble (2 No.s)
  • Mini Gingerbread Man (2 No.s)
  • Stocking (2 No.s)

Each side of the Christmas tree is provided with 6 ornament provisions and an one-sided tree topper provision.

5. Santa Claus, Sleigh, Gift Boxes (2 No.s) & Reindeer: Self-standing Santa Claus can be attached/detached to the reindeer with a harness. (Please note that the gift boxes are store-bought and not a creation of Play & Be Merry. It is a thermocol cube inside wrapped on the outside with glitter paper).

6. Fireplace, Cookies Plate & Hanging Stockings: The cookies plate and stockings can be attached/detached from the mantelpiece.

7. Play Characters (5 No.s): The play characters are of unique poses, one-sided, hand-drawn and self-standing.

christmas gifts

christmas gift

Realistic Images (This is how the play set will look on your home floor under normal room lighting)

handcrafted christmas play set

Scope of the Christmas Play Set, for Children

“May there be no prescribed learning outcome!” is what I would recommend, as a toy creator.

Let her assign names to the play characters. Let her give a voice-over to Santa. Let her ride the snow man on the sleigh. Let her fix the doll house decors on the Christmas tree. Let her open and fold the play mat multiple times, if that’s all that she likes to do.

Let your child enjoy a spontaneous, open-ended play.

Scope of the Christmas Play Set, for Parents/Adults

Observe as your child plays with the play items. Gain an understanding into his/her inner world. Identify the emotions and fantasies lying deep inside his/her perception of things around. Remember, what you and me might perceive as a ‘silly play’ is his/her natural form of expression.

Play with your child.

Relive your childhood.

Ignore your chores for a while to while away your time with your child.

How else to spread the Christmas joy around?!

What are the play items made of?

Non-woven felt and recycled cardboard by sewing and no-sew techniques.

General Instructions for Use

  • Keep away from direct heat, moisture, dust and eatables.
  • If stained, spot clean immediately.
  • Keep a check on chocking hazards with smaller parts.

Availability: As this is handmade, I do not make in large numbers. In case you see an ‘out-of-stock’ message but would like to buy, please contact me. Contact details are provided at the end of this age.

Shipment Details

Packing: The entire set is packed in a 12″x12″x12″ 5 ply corrugated box. Total weight after packing is approximately 1.2 kg.

Shipping: Order will be dispatched within 48 business hours (Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm) after successful payment transaction, through a courier service. Shipping generally takes 2 -3 working days within Chennai and 4 – 6 working days to rest of India.

Payment Details

Price: Rs. 950 (Free Shipping within India)

Mode of Payment: Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, Wallets & others, powered by Instamojo (a secure payment gateway). Please note that the transaction on your bank statement will appear as ‘Instamojo’ or something related to this.

Return & Refund

I can take a return if the package is damaged during shipping, which is most unlikely. However, if you have a genuine concern, please email me. I promise to be considerate.

“Currently Out of Stock”

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