Gratitude & Reflection Post #AtoZChallenge

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Well, you go through life
So sure of where you’re heading
And you wind up lost
And it’s the best thing that could happen
‘Cause sometimes when you lose your way
It’s really just as well
‘Cause you find yourself

– Brad Paisley

At some point in life, when I felt lost, it was motherhood which revived me.

And it was the best thing that could have ever happened in my life!

In order to prevent this post from looking too clumsy, this post is segregated into the following sections:

  • My AtoZ blogging experience
  • My thanks to…
  • Popular posts
  • Quotes from the series
  • Some nice discussions on the posts
  • Some kind words from readers about the series

The A to Z Experience

Until Parul Thakur posted the theme reveal on March 20th, I wasn’t aware of the 2017 A to Z blogging challenge. I know it happens every year in April, but I didn’t specifically keep a track of it nor have I ever tried to attempt it. This time, it was compelling to try it though I wasn’t sure if I can make it to the end. I wasn’t exactly afraid of the time factor. I know I can somehow manage time everyday. However, I wasn’t sure if I can write 26 posts in a row on the same topic without repetition, without boring the readers down. There wasn’t anything in my mind other than motherhood and that I narrowed it to Emotions of Motherhood, it seemed all the more challenging.

survivor-atoz [2017] badge

Now having completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017, I am glad I wrote all the posts from my heart. Until I sat to write, I wouldn’t have had anything framed in my mind about what to write. In spite of holding my sleeping baby on the shoulders and in addition, sometimes, my son sleeping on my lap, I managed to bring in my emotions in words while typing with my left hand. It isn’t a feeling of having achieved something; rather it has been a hearty experience of having run through my motherhood days with the little ones close to me. I don’t think I could have done this better any other year, for my new born has revived it all from the scratch, making it more intense. It has been a truly, from-the-depth-of-my-heart memorable experience.

I know the posts weren’t perfect. I could have chosen better emotions for C and Q. I could have written in detail for X. I could have quoted more real-life examples for S. But, so is being a mother; she can never be perfect in her role 🙂

I must definitely mention that Sundays used to be my ambitious (some Sundays were even greedy) days for I would plan to complete Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts. But, as you know, Sundays will and shall always be Sundays 😆

I am Grateful!

Throughout the challenge, there have been a few dear friends and other bloggers who have been patting on my back. A few related experiences, a few good discussions, a few words of appreciation and a few simple ‘likes’ – I haven’t yet responded to all the comments, but in my heart, I am grateful to all of you, for being there; for making it more memorable.

Thanks Parul. You have always been an inspiring blogger.

Thanks Cathy. Every time, when you messaged me what’s for Q, what’s for V, I was definitely smiling.

Thanks Keerthana. Every time, I see a viewer from Netherlands, I have a feeling it must be you 🙂

Thanks Bragadeesh Prasanna. Your those few words of appreciation stands out in me.

Thanks Madhvi Kumar. Your words did bring in a good feeling 🙂

Thanks Shri Abirami. You really don’t know what you made me feel by quoting those lines on your blog,

Thanks Iain Kelly, Tennyson, Trayee, Jyotirmoy, Inky Fire, The Krazy Butterfly, Alok, Mal Raj, Radhika, Mitadaur, Mind of mine, Edge of Humanity, Mahesh Iyer, Christy Bharath. You all have been there at most of my posts. And it was a little nice feeling.

Thanks Louise. It has been a pleasure hearing truthful and practical comments from a fellow mommy blogger. Let’s be in touch through our blogs.

Thanks Cait. In spite of framing those 26 letters to your would-be child, you had the time and concern to visit a few of my posts and drop a comment. Honestly, I haven’t had much time to do it. But now that I have all the time, I shall be going through your posts.

Thanks Outside Perception. I’ve enjoyed your comments of real-life anecdotes. Anytime I decide to watch a movie, I am going to head to your blog 🙂

Thanks Abhijit Sir, for all your thoughtful comments.

And many others, I might not have written down your names here. But know that each one of you who were here, has been thought of and felt grateful to.

Please note: If any of the bloggers mentioned above want your blog links to be removed, please let me know. I don’t want your blog stats to be pulled down, if in case it happens.

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A few Quotes from this Series

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Some nice Discussions on the Posts

To know that other mommies, some daddies too, share similar experiences and feelings to what I’ve written, was nice. Here are a few discussions chosen in random from the series:

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I am too bored to do more of this 😆

Some nice Kind words about this Series

Thank you, once again. I am a happy mother for today 😆

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  1. That’s a well round-up post. I am happy you took and completed the challenge with flying colors. Your exuberance is coming out here 😊

    I never take part because of shortage of time and other priorities, but somehow fitted my interest in stock markets into the challenge (post already on site).

  2. I am only just seeing this now and wish I’d been by sooner. After April I took a bit of a bloggy break. Thanks so much for the kind words here. I clearly remember how poignant some of your posts were – and how much they resonated with me. Congrats on completing the challenge and I do hope to stay connected – read more – beyond the challenge 🙂

    Also, well done on not having planned this out before March 20!

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