U for Unconditional – What the umbilical cord has dictated upon us! #AtoZChallenge

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Back at my maternal home, I was known for my lethargy. My mom and sister would always ridicule my slow pace in almost anything and everything and for not looking after my belongings well. Yes, that’s how I was until I had my first child. I was reborn into a new form of me the day my son was born. I’ve never fallen down from changing nappies or feeding or attending to him – ever! Regardless of how troublesome my boy is or how aggressive my day’s schedule is, I am content that I’ve been a committed mom all along.

As a matter fact, that’s what makes moms! Regardless of how our life was before kids, mothers gather a lot of energy and attention to home and kids once they reach the motherhood phase.

umbilical cord photography
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I have survived on left overs earlier because I might have been too lazy to cook some day but with children around, I can’t do it now. There’s fresh cooking, at least curd rice, every other day. I remember sleeping sometimes till midday earlier but no matter what, now I spring up from bed for the sake of my son. Even during those times when I had terrible morning sickness with my second baby, my son was my priority that I had to attend to him in spite of my own sickness. Being unwell is no excuse for not attending to his jobs. Whether I have cold, fever or down with something else, I have a child who has to be fed, who has to taken to potty, who has to be bathed and who has to be put to sleep if not for anything else in a day.

I didn’t attend a class on how to change the dressings when he wets bed. I haven’t got trained in how to look after him when he is sick. No one has ever reminded me that it’s time to feed him. No one has ever taught me how to maintain the home child proof. Yet, I’ve been there through all and I’ve done all that.

It is unconditional!

And it cannot happen with any other relationship. When the husband is late from office, it is a great inconvenience to attend to his late dinner; however if the son wakes up, out of hunger, in the middle of the night, the mother would run to the kitchen to find some food. Being unconditional towards children is beyond burdens or duties. I am not to answer anyone if I don’t feed him a meal but I do it because I have no reason to it and I can take no excuses, no weekend offs or no public holidays in this matter.

It is a fact that mothers become one overnight. Until the previous night he was born, I wasn’t as alive as I am now. As I write this post now, I feel loved of all the moms in the world. Perhaps, being unconditional is the greatest trait that the bond from umbilical cord has dictated upon us!

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  1. That is how mother nature works. All mothers are like this. It appears that a whole set of genes are expressed as soon as a child is born.

  2. Very well written.. I could literally watch the transformation in my wife. A mother’s love, sure is unconditional. Very well expressed.

      1. Hmmm. Isn’t it ironical that my wife probably doesn’t know that I have observed the transformation in her. Maybe most men are bad at expressing ☺

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