#LetsMakeEarthGreenAgain – Small Deed #12

This post is #12 in the Small Deeds Great Needs series in my blog.

Lets Make Earth Green Again is a social media campaign about small things we can do in our everyday lives in order to make our Earth green again. People are encouraged to post an activity they are practicing which can effect this change. Check this video and the tweet following it.

While I was going through the tweets of this campaign, I felt motivated to follow the ideas posted by people. I am sharing a few real-time tweets here hoping they might bring a change in the readers as well.

Here’s my tweet:

Green earth

Save earth

Stop pollution

Reduce pollution


If you follow a helpful activity, please tweet with the hashtag #LetsMakeEarthGreenAgain.

It might inspire others.

Header Image Courtesy: Twitter Page of @greenearthagain

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