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Children are Precious,

So is Childhood!

My toddler’s (and partly mine) days are active with engaging play times; not just about driving cars on the floor and walls but so much more, adding sufficient room for his creativity and imagination. As parents, most of us do create innovative play ideas for our children. Imagine how helpful it would be if we all can share them with other families who might want to pick up ideas that would fit and interest their children. For once I thought I would share our play times with other parents and kids and that’s how Vihaan’s Toys Plays Reviews, my YouTube channel, got its roots. I hope someday, somewhere, something from our videos might inspire someone’s little ones’ play times. For now, in spite of my average skills in video-making, I am venturing into it, hoping to hone my skills as I make more videos. Note that the channel is still in its infant stage and most of the videos might be published in the blog form as well, here on this blog.

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Here’s a quick list of the kind of content that will be posted on the channel. Please subscribe to the channel here, (it’s free, just requires your email ID) if the following content interests you:

Pretend Plays

Pretend Plays

Perhaps, the very first pretend play kids begin with, would be using house-hold objects as a toy phone to pretend speaking to someone. My son began with the television remote and spoons. It has always been interesting to watch him enact his imaginative scenes. Such pretend plays that I manage to shoot will make a few videos in the channel.

 DIY Toys

DIY Toys

By far, DIY toys and plays will make most of the channel’s content because that’s what occupies most of our play times. Soon after he turned two, he began playing with toy vehicles. For a while, he used to drive cars on the floor and walls, as how children generally do. That’s when I thought of making a toy road which could model a real road to bring added fun and learning to his play times. Since then, I often make simple homemade accessories for his toys, a few of which you can see in the image above. We, indeed, cherish these way more than the real toys!

 Toy Reviews

Toy Reviews

Most of the time, when we plan to buy a toy for him, especially something that we want to order online, we think twice if it’s going to be useful and worthy. There could be other parents like us. To help them decide about those toys that we buy (which we do often), toy reviews that detail unboxing, assembly and review are included in the channel.

Creative Play Ideas

Creative Plays

Children don’t limit their plays with shop-bought toys alone. Sometimes, a pillow can make joyful horse rides, old business cards can make them busy officers, uncooked pasta can become construction materials for their toy vehicles and window grills can become their mountain expedition spots. We shall share such creativity that springs from simple things from our home, in the channel.

Structured Plays

Structured plays are an important part of a child’s development. Beginning from stacking toys, at every stage of their development, making them learn ordered activities like shape sorting and fixing puzzles are as beneficial as free plays. The channel shall feature such structured plays as well.

Soon, the channel might expand to more children activities like reading of children’s books and kids craft works. Hope you will find the videos helpful. Suggestions and feedback about the channel shall help us; please do share if you have any.

Also, please share the channel link to like-minded parents.

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