#MyAirtelApp is here. Haven’t tried yet?

News! I’ve downloaded the new My Airtel App. It’s news because I am stringent in downloading apps to my mobile. That means an addition to my three existing apps couldn’t have been possible unless it had passed my selection criteria:

  • Helpful
  • Beneficial
  • Safe

My Airtel App seems to have quite a lot of features to explore. Here are a few I’ve found relevant to my usage:

For the simple reason that I can check my prepaid balance easily

If you’ve been an airtel user like me, you will know what we usually do to check the prepaid mobile balance. Dial *121#. Wait for some USSD code to run. Then we will have to scan through a list of options to select. Find the number corresponding to balance check. Type the number in that tiny space provided. I found this step problematic with my old mobile. The cursor would disappear exactly when I am about to type the number. Send the request and wait for the balance details to appear. I’ve always wondered why such a simple and an important prepaid user request had to be dealt with a complicated process.

Airtel App

However, the new app I am talking about makes it straight forward. Click on the app and simply check ‘My Balance’. Even easier is the ‘I want to’ feature. Frequent tasks like balance check, data usage, post paid bill payment and recharge can be saved as shortcuts on the home screen.

Who wouldn’t want coupons and surprises?!

I found the ‘Airtel Surprises’ feature interesting. Every time you make a recharge, you become eligible to avail discount offers. Most of the offer categories include food, shopping, entertainment and wellness. These offers are in the form of discount coupons. And the best part is that you get to choose the offer that you prefer from the list of available coupons.

Airtel Coupons

The discount coupons can be redeemed at popular eat-outs like Cafe Coffee Day, popular shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Archies, Myntra and Ebay and also at wellness centres like VLCC.

Recharge Made Easy and Secure

Sometimes I wouldn’t have noticed that my mobile balance has become zero. And that’s when I would need to make an important phone call 🙁

Airtel Recharge

During such times, having my card details stored in the app is helpful. My Airtel App provides the option of saving my credit card or debit card details. So, every time when I want to recharge, it’s easier. I can make the recharge quickly without having to pull my card out of my purse and enter the details again and again. Also the PCIDSS certification makes the transactions secure.

So now you know how this Airtel App meets my helpful, beneficial and safe criteria!

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