A New Drive Away with Quikr NXT

All things old and wonderful are God’s gift! Then who do yo think will gift the new things? For me, Quikr NXT would do. How?

Here is how it is!

Our Maruti 800 has seen years of driving along the bumpy roads of South India. We’ve in fact moved our little home in it from city to city a few years before, when we were just beginning to set up a home for ourselves. We’ve covered almost the full stretch of the East Coast Road in our car, innumerable times. However, lately we found it getting older than we expected. We’ve got stuck in the middle of ECR at the dead of the night recently and that’s when we realized it’s time to change; change our dear old car to a brand new fantastic one, may be a Hyundai Verna or a Honda City.

Now, without wasting time I would do a straight hit to Quikr. As you would know, Quikr is a popular online place to buy almost anything under the sun, both old and new. But do you also know that Quikr offers convenient communication between buyers and sellers without the need to share your mobile number? If you didn’t know, you must read on to check its new feature, Quikr NXT. As I detail my plan to buy a new car through Quikr, you can learn as well about Quikr NXT.

I am here at their website now. If you have been at the site before, you will know that selecting the city from the homepage is the easiest way to find potential buyers of your products or the product you are looking for to buy. I would first post an ad for my old car and then search for sellers who are giving away one of the two cars I am planning to buy, in my city. After I check the description of the sellers, in order to connect with the seller, I shall use the Quikr NXT feature which can be found at the top right corner on the homepage.

Clicking on it shows me a link ‘View all chats’. The link takes me to the login page. Once I login into the chat, I will be able to send chat messages to the sellers I’ve chosen. When I find a seller available to chat, I will be able to gather more information about his/her car that are not mentioned in the description on the product page. Most importantly, I would like to know the date of purchase of the car, the approximate number of kilometeres the car had run so far and the present condition of the car. I would then negotiate on the price of the car.  I would also want to see pictures of the car, in addition to what has been put up on the product page. The advantage of using the Quikr NXT feature is that the seller can send me pictures of the car instantly, as per my request. For example, if I would like to have a look at the interiors of the car, I can request the seller to share them on the chat. Most often, images of car interiors will not be uploaded on the product page.

I would follow Quikr NXT in a similar way to sell my old car.

Once I am convinced to buy the new car of my liking, at the final step, I shall make an appointment with the seller to visit his/her place to have a look at the car. That means, up until we reach the final talks, we can efficiently communicate  through Quikr NXT. And after a few formal interactions and transactions, we would have our new car with us to begin another joyful ride by the East Coast Road.

This post is a part of Indi Happy Hours campaign sponsored by Quikr.

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