Let me Make it all Happen in 2015!

Yes, this, this and that!

With the 24 hour limit per day, in contrast to the heaps of pending duties, dreams and wishlists, I totally get the depth of these lines of Robert Frost,

“Miles to go before I sleep

Miles to go before I sleep.”

As always, with the beginning of every year, I hope to break that procrastination, that laziness, that lame wandering and being-busy-ness – the bad monsters that often keep me away from closing my ever-opened ‘to dos’. Here’s yet another year to begin with a new list, most content of which is surely the carry over from the previous and from the one previous to previous.

Well, coming to the point, here’s my quick wishlist (I would rather not call these as resolution because I have restricted hopes to save them from carrying forward to the next).

#1: Bath in the morning hours: None would have imagined such a thing for a new year wish till date. But it has been way difficult for me to have a bath before noon, whole of 2014.

#2: Blog regularly: This one has been in the list time and again since five years; yes, from the time I started this blog. I hope to fix a day of the week to religiously write a post at least once a week.

#3: Learn SEO and Blogging a little deeper: Sometimes I feel even after five years of blogging, I behave like a newbie in the blogging world. There is so much to master – SEO, this and that. And there are resources all around me to master them. No blaming on time, this year!

#4: Visit fellow Bloggers: Yes, I meant fellow blogs! I scored a total zero on this in 2014. With the little time I could devote for my blog, I did only posting. Though I realize it’s only a part of blogging, I need to put in action of visiting other blogs.

#5: The Book: The half-written manuscript is almost lying dusty. It has been pricking somewhere deep in me for several months. Even if I don’t get to bath in the morning, blog regularly, learn blogging and visit other blogs, I definitely shouldn’t miss doing this one.

I only wish I had a Micromax Canvas Tab P666 to help me do all this with the less time I have in a day. What I need the most this year is speed, speed and only speed; because nobody is willing to extend the day beyond 24 hours. 1.2GHz Intel Atom Processor of the new Micromax Canvas Tab P666 can do it! This is designed with an Intel Hyper-Threading Technology that allows smooth multi-tasking, something I do day in and day out. So, hence, thus – let me get this super tab before I try to tick mark any of the five numbered above 😆

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  1. I think the best SEO is giving readers useful content in an engaging way. Everything else is secondary. To learn more about blogging, I suggest set a goal. For example: Set a goal to earn $100 in six months through your blog. Then, you can try to find the various ways of doing that, and learn a lot in the process.

    1. That’s a new suggestion I get to hear, to fix a goal. I haven’t taken steps for monetization other than Indi happy hours and a few sponsored posts. Hope to kick start this year. Thanks for your suggestion here, means a lot to me. Please keep visiting pages from serendipity often.

  2. Very nice and soothing post. Really impressive. Happy New Year 2015. Enjoy the year with lots of new hopes. Keep posting with your experiences over.

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