Your Love was all I had! by Kaushal Kumar Jha: Book Review

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Title: Your Love was all I had!

Author: Kaushal Kumar Jha (Debut Author)

Publisher: Moments Publishers

Category: Fiction/Love/Romance

Pages: 168

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My thanks to the author for the review copy of the book.

Yet another Indian Love Story!

Another Love Story, uh?

Your Love was all I had! is a beautiful love story that happens in the busy city of Mumbai. Rahul lands on the city for his medical course. He meets Riya, chases her and they become friends. At one point when he knows he should propose his love to her, he does it and their romantic relationship begins. All goes well until oppositions shoot up from both families and may what happens at the end be a secret to the readers.

Sounds like the usual Indian movies? It is exactly! But not all movies leave the same impact, right? That’s where this book makes a difference. It brings out romance where it should, it brings out lust where it should and it brings out life where it should – all well-balanced! There’s a little tinge of just everything that revolves around young lads of this decade. They know quite well what is to be done with family, love and ambition. And our hero is one of that kinds!

The Characters

They will be etched in your memory! I guess that speaks a lot of the author’s skill. There are only a few important characters and you will know each one of them very well as you get to the middle of the book. Especially, the characters of Riya and Sumit, Rahul’s friend will steal your heart.

What else other than Love?

There is much more! Rahul will drive you through the life at a medical college. Most importantly, the shocking ragging sessions and the unwilling study burdens. There are quite interesting medical terms used instead of verbs, not too complex though like ‘heart being tachycardic’ and ‘my eyes were para-sympathised’. I liked his vacations back to his hometown. People who have stayed away from home can find the realism in it. Ideas for romantic moments and gifts and proposals are abundant in the book. What happens when you have not actually broken with your girl but you cannot marry her either? The state where you are unsure if you are in a relationship or not is one of the most pathetic human emotions. The author has brought it out brilliantly well.

And Finally….?

Most Indian families are against love marriages. We all know that. Yet love doesn’t cease to happen. The joy and mesmerism in falling in love is such that it has no room for the consequences. As the relationship reaches a stage to wind up either towards a marriage or a break-up, lives of the two families topple over instantly. Who decides the outcome – the parents or the teenagers – has been a constant debate. What exactly do parents mean by corrupting their caste and religion, shame in front of  relatives and society? They do not know either. This is a serious issue in the country and the author has put across the seriousness, seriously. This game of hurting the young feelings of love, romance, commitment and dreams needs to be stopped. The author rightly warns so the parents of India!

Is the Book a Right Choice for you?

Teenagers, medical students, ex-lovers, parents – the book will touch them especially. A good company for travellers too. Not too much inclined to love stories, bollywood books and the common types? Can serve you for a time-pass.

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About the Author

Kaushal is a Mumbai based writer pursuing MBBS from famous JJ Hospital.

He has a myriad of interests ranging from singing, acting, politics and sociology. He believes that literature is reflection of society and society learns from literature, just like the relation between ‘Ocean’ and ‘Sky’ as both looks blue because of each other’s reflection. With a career in the filed of Surgery he also wants to make his identity as an Author with his substantial writings.

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  1. Ur review compels me too buy the book right away at amazon.! The review seems to be as good as the book! I’m in my teens and also maintain a blog. This book seems to be interesting. Also you have in a very concise and perfect manner told the rough idea of the book that makes the reader more curious to read the book

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