Reflections by Mukesh Mehta: Book Review

Title: Reflections

Author: Mukesh Mehta

Publisher: Notion Press

Category: Non-Fiction

Pages: 79 (The book is a little larger than a pocket-size book)

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Reflections is a simple expression of the author’s thought process on day-to-day life experiences.

You sit on a rocking chair. Your mind could pick up the insights of this experience to introspect now or later. Wonder what experience can arise from sitting in a chair? Say, you might feel a sense of relaxation with the rocking movement. You might feel discomfort in getting up from the chair. An inquisitive mind could possibly create allegories of such experiences to real life situations. One of such minds is the author’s!

Reflections is a small, quick-to-read book that can be a good travel companion. It could take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to complete the book, depending upon the readers’ speed of assimilation. The language is simple. The subject is simple.


Reflections is a collection of short chapters on what the author has introspected deeply on certain aspects in his life. These aspects can be well correlated to all of us as well.

What kind of a relationship do we hold with people around us?

Are relationships merely tags in our lives or are our hearts involved in them?

Where does our disciplined routine in our life lead us to?

What if we made a little change in our scheduled lives?

Can such a change bring in some flow of spontaneity and creativity in our lives?

How well are we communicating with others? 

Do we need a change in the way we communicate with people around us?

Are we constantly trying to over-take another person to satisfy our ego?

Are we sensitive about clearing paths for others to ride their journey?

The author raises several such questions throughout the book. He also comes up with answers for all of them through the wisdom his experiences had given him. To spice up, he also motivates the readers to ask to themselves how these fit into their own lives. He intends to make the readers take a break from their cat raced-super fast life and get into a little introspection on what’s exactly happening ‘behind the scenes’ of their superficial drama-filled lives. He does this by narrating a personal life incident and then sparking a series of questions related to what the experience taught him.


Reflections is a nice read to help us think and decide wisely if we are heading justly in our journeys.

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About the Author


Mukesh is an avid reader and thinker with a distinct perspective to observe and experience the world around. He has done an MBA and Certifications in Business Excellence, ERP/Software Technology. He enjoys reading the work done by Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, OSHO and many other contemporary practicing management professionals. Having a keen interest in Music, he likes to listen to Pink Floyd, Kenny Rogers, Dire Straits amongst others and plays Guitar in his free time.

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