Motherhood: Where God meets Man

My toddler was sound asleep on my shoulders as the train was pacing fast. A young mister of 6 years, sitting across to my seat was giving keen entertainment with his brilliancy, to a few of us. I was quietly observing his moves, his choices of words, his thoughtfulness and kept admiring all those cute pranks of boyhood.

The dinner was just then over and the servers had already cleaned our tables. As the little boy spotted ice creams being served to the passengers next, he was thrilled by the surprise that he let out a loud ‘Yay’! The boy’s mother looked around in embarrassment to check the scene put up by her son’s cacophony. While her eyes fell on mine, I gave an acknowledging smile that conveyed, “It’s okay, that’s how children are, I know”.

I chose this picture, the mother here expresses exactly in her eyes what I am talking about here.
I chose this picture because the mother expresses in her eyes exactly what I am talking about here.

A few years ago, I wasn’t a woman who could acknowledge such silly behaviour in little children. Though I couldn’t chide them openly, my thoughts would get busy at criticizing children on their indiscipline and unpleasant mannerisms. Perhaps, I perceived children as I would do an adult being, who was yet to grow.

Perhaps, I wasn’t a mother yet, then.

It was during my encounter with the little boy in the train that I realized, for the first time, that something in my whole consciousness has expanded that I could see children without the ‘criticism’ factor; that I could approve their little joys in every giggle they make; and that I’ve begun to see my son in every little boy I see!

As a daughter, a sister, a friend and a wife, I could only relate with those who were related in a true sense. However, as a mother, there has come an instant bonding with all children. Today, when I pray for the good health and future of my boy, I always complete the prayer by praying for all other children in this world. When I hold another child in my hand, I cuddle with the same warmth that I would with my son. And in every other child I see, I meet or hear about, I perceive joy – the purest form of joy! I know this was not a part of my being earlier. It’s certainly motherhood that has brought in me this angelic transformation.

I believe that, to perceive another being without judgment is a beautiful part of the self. While it is still daunting to be that beatific self with grown-ups, I am glad that the spark has began, through the form of children, to fill the void of a confined consciousness. I am certainly thankful for my motherhood which has brought that in me spontaneously without the help of books and discourses. The more I meet children now, the more I am able to relish in that kind of consciousness. It feels as if I am beginning to understand what Love is and where God is. A glimpse of eternity is what I would say!

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    1. Thanks Cathy. I know all moms can understand this joy of love. Back in school and college days, when I used to visit friends’ places, their moms always treated other children with lot of care as they would do with their children. I then wondered how they could do this. But now I understand how.

      Thanks again for helping my revive my blog 🙂

  1. Great post. I have hope that yes, our love can reach endless bounds beyond children. That instead, we can all see each other as Gods children. That whatever this amazing love that surrounds us is, we take it in and give it back.
    Motherhood hasn’t certainly changed a lot, but I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks for the page referral dahling 😉

  2. Wow Class..Pure Joy reading them 🙂 I certainly wont feature in the Crowned “Motherhood” but I can assure I too have such joy n love towards any kids may be a little, just a little less than you guys 🙂 no expressed very well Nandhu 🙂

    1. I wonder sometimes why is it that only motherhood gets portrayed so high, aren’t there fathers who have abundant love in their hearts as well. I definitely agree to your feeling ” I too have such joy n love towards any kids”. And it need not be “just a little” because love can never be measured.

      Wonderful to have you here in my blog. Hope you continue your visits and comments. Thanks so much.

      1. Well Said Nandhu… Let us be under the shadow…but we are just happy our better halfs getting the best credit 🙂 …. and u dont have to Thank me for entering this wonderful Library filled with lovely-lively experiences. Pleasure!

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