My Conversation with Kolors

How can holi not remind us of colours?

This is one festival I enjoy seeing people celebrating. Marking the beginning of spring, it feels as if holi comes to announce that the rich colourful flowers all around us are awaiting to blossom. And my most treasured holi celebration was during my internship at National Brain Research Centre, Gurgaon. I was given no warning of how holi is celebrated in this campus.

I remember I woke up that day with the door knock. Two guys came like thunder and dragged me out of the room, down the stairs. (Luckily I was dressed decently ;)) Before I could understand what was happening I was brutally pushed into the big mud pit, in the ground floor, solely dug for this celebration. I had already decided to complain against these two guys to my intern guide for their so-appeared lone-girl-abuse 😆 However, when I came to awakening inside the pit, wah! That was real celebration! Though I could not recognize any of the faces, I could see without exception every student in the campus was mud-painted from head to toe. That was the first time I felt so close to Mother Earth with mud all over me. I realized I had missed this feeling all these years. Followed by colours, colours and colours! And water, water and water! We didn’t mind roaming the campus like aliens that day. It was not until the mud and colours were deeply dried by the midday Sun that we were forced to bathe ourselves 🙂

Wishing a wonderful holi to all of you!

And if you want to drench more in colours with me, check this link.

Yeah, in this perfect colourful season, I introduce my painting blog CONVERSATION WITH KOLORS – defining my relationship with colours. 

I’ve been an amateur artist for few years and for some reason I still love being that way. Painting classes, selling, exhibitions, galleries have not loved me as much as I have loved colours. Hence I have no particular intent to start with this blog.

It’s just a beautiful platform to record the details around my paintings.What incited me and what feeling it created in me. And I simply enjoy painting!

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  1. Nandhini,
    “You have something in you”. I cant word it today.. don’t laugh, i am serious.. you’ll become something big in life for sure..

    1. 🙂 I am gonna grow bigger? No girl likes that dear 😆 Thanks for your surprise call and these words to make me fly. Happy to have a dedicated reader from you.

  2. Yeah…Holi reminds me of many many such physical abuses;) It’s a riot of colors…
    PS: Lovely painting blog hun…

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