The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield: Book Review

If you are in a search towards your personal growth, your own evolution, but not sure of where to start from, I suggest you start from a book shop – and get hold of The Celestine Prophecy. It is a fiction about a manuscript which has 9 ancient insights and hidden from public reading due to political reasons. The main character takes on a journey to investigate the manuscript whereabouts in order to prevent it from being destroyed by the bad men. And on his way, he comes across the 9 insights and their detailed understanding by several people at several places. No doubt, along with the hero, the readers too get involved in the insights. And to know exactly what we mean by the insights, one has to read the book.

To give a glimpse of the insights, I mention here 2 of my favourite points from the book.

1. The author speaks about the energy flow between people in our everyday lives. For example, if my energy level is down and I am in need of energy. Without my conscious knowing I grab energy from others I meet, be it a stranger or a family member. The way I do it could be like this: I say something to a person in the way of pointing his mistake or a dissatisfaction with him. If he responds with agitation, he loses some of his energy to me. If he responds politely he is neither losing nor am I gaining.

Also, when somebody even in the distant far admires something in me, both of us gain energies. Such is the power of thoughts, intentions, admirations and dissatisfactions.

2. In one of the insights, the author gives us a clue about how to search for where we stand in our evolutions. He says the clue lies in our parents. If we can analyse what our parents could not accomplish or could not change in themselves, that could lead us to what we need to change in ourselves.

Well, these are just my subjective descriptions. The reality in the book is much convincing. It’s different from other books of this kind in that the 9 insights the author explains can be experienced and practised by any ordinary person. It doesn’t require a fantastic IQ to understand the insights. Personally this book has definitely helped in my own evolution. At one point while reading, the book made me wonder if it was really written by a human.

If you have read and forgotten the insights, do a recap, the second read is always deeper than the first. If you haven’t read it yet, don’t miss it.

In continuation to the 9 insights, the author has published the 1oth, 11th and 12th insights as well. To learn more about the celestine series, visit To know about the The celestine prophecy movie visit

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