The Sun Enters Bold Aries!

Aries was named after the Greek god of war, and its patron planet is Mars, Aries’s Roman counterpart. Astrologically speaking, the red planet has long been associated with ‘red’ qualities: assertiveness, aggression and passion. Those of you born with the Sun in this hotheaded, temperamental sign are also passionate, impatient and perpetually predisposed to leap first and look later … if you look at all! But don’t let anyone convince you that any of those traits are liabilities. In the right hands, they’re all assets.

That impetuousness is part of what makes an Aries such charming, exciting company. It’s a sign that’s always brave enough to try anything once — at least once. If you’re an Aries, you’re the perfect playmate; if you’re not, you’ve probably enjoyed good times with one!

The impatience associated with the sign also fosters a straightforward trustworthiness. Aries are big fans of the ‘cut to the chase’ strategy, so anything that gets between point A (where they are) and point B (where they want to be) just won’t do. This definitely includes lies and deceit. For the Ram, it’s better to just say what’s true and get it over with. Aries certainly aren’t afraid to take responsibility for their actions. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

For Mars’s favorite sign, stress equals excitement, excitement equals adrenaline, and adrenaline is what makes it all worth it! So, getting involved with an Aries, even platonically, isn’t a job for the faint of heart. Romantically speaking, anyone who decides to take on a Ram had better be a brave, spontaneous and unencumbered companion. But an Aries will also want a worthy opponent, someone who’s not afraid to disagree with their partner — or with the rest of the world — when the need arises. Aries are natural-born warriors who respect that quality in others. In short, anyone with fearful tendencies just won’t do.

An Aries’s lucky partner will be rewarded with a life full of adventure, passion and surprises. To say there will never be a dull moment when Aries is involved isn’t even scraping the surface!

Pages from serendipity wishes all Aries a wonderful birthday!

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  1. Great Post. I could correlate so many things with me, such as Straightforward attitude, IMPATIENCE, Life full of adventure, passion and surprises, and last but not the least ” Romantically speaking, anyone who decides to take on a Ram had better be a brave, spontaneous and unencumbered companion”.

    Nice teaser for me for my upcoming Bday 🙂

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