The Sun Enters Achieving Capricorn!

The animal symbol for Capricorn, a mountain goat, is a fitting symbol for a sign known for achievement. That goat always seems to be headed for the top of the mountain!

Every sign has a ‘patron planet.’ Yours, dear Capricorn, happens to be Saturn — Mr. No-Nonsense himself — and this is a great place to start explaining the nature of your sign. Astronomers and amateur stargazers find those rings surrounding that beautiful planet simultaneously fascinating and lovely, but its colorful circles are also an appropriate symbol of one of the things Saturn holds dear: boundaries. And as Saturn’s favorite sign, you’ve definitely learned the value of keeping your boundaries intact. After all, without self-discipline, order, rules and regulations, where would we be?

You’ve also been given a love of structure, a respect for experience and a great big dose of common sense. You only take calculated risks, and you can be the very soul of caution. In fact, if you’re not careful, you can end up a bit too pessimistic.

But as anyone who knows you well can testify, this absolutely doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun. While your wit is dry and your humor is the exact opposite of slapstick, your sarcasm is unbeatable. What really makes you laugh, though, is intelligent humor — the more odd and quirky, the better!

You deal with relationships much the same way you handle shopping. Your first step is to see what’s out there by doing some observation and comparison. You won’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want. And once you have it, you tend to those you love in much the same way you treat your most treasured items: You spoil them, pamper them and do absolutely everything you can to make things last. The lucky person who ends up in a permanent relationship with you can rest assured there’s nothing you won’t do to keep that relationship thriving, especially as the years go by and you invest more and more time into each other.

This post is little late this month, nevertheless hearty birthday wishes to all you Capris!!!

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