G for Guilt – 5 killer guilts of motherhood

guilty mom

In spite of all that motherhood does to us and no matter what we do for the kids, the feeling of guilt of not doing something right or enough is inevitable to mothers. Over a chat about the series of posts on motherhood which I am doing everyday, one of my fellow mothers said, “One big suggestion, make it G for Guilt.” And I replied, “Yes, it’s already on my list.” The guilt of motherhood seems universal! It might not be identifiable outwardly. A mom might run through the day as if she has been perfect all day, however she would carry a secret guilt while watching those little faces sleep peacefully. During bedtime every night, I would ask my son, how much he had liked me that day. He would tell me honestly the good and the not-so-good things I did in the day and I would promise him that I would be all good the following day. After he dozes off, I would look at his serene sleeping face, relive the guilty moments of the day and promise myself to be a better mom the next day.

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