Boredom in Children: How we handle a bored child matters!

bored child

For many of us, seeing boredom in children is something terrible; something unacceptable and something unnatural. But, boredom in children is not as bad as we assume! Over the years, I’ve come to terms that allowing my boy to feel bored is alright; just like how I’ll allow him to experience anything else nice. It has been long since I sat on the floor to play with him. I’ve almost outgrown that stage of mothering to him. On most days, he is on his own. If he feels bored, I allow him to be. I don’t interfere with his boredom. I consider it as an opportunity for him to deal with yet another thing in life. But I listen to him – he may complain; he may feel frustrated  – but I listen to him without interfering. With what I’ve observed, when children come to us with a problem, they more often want us to listen than offer a solution. But listening to them with full ears is just all enough to them, for they find a way to sort out their mental anxieties by the way of explaining it to us. What really matters to a bored child is a grown-up who have their ears for them!

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