P for Pride – When my heart swelled while my head bowed down

mother and son


It’s rare but it does happen to moms once in a while!

Twenty years ago, if a four year old child could operate a TV remote, he/she would have been considered an outstandingly smart child. However, today almost every other kid in the world knows exactly how to switch on and off mobile phones, how to swipe through the photo gallery and how to play games on the touch screen.  So, if I say I felt proud as a mother when my son answered someone brilliantly or won a children’s race, I would sound so very common.

Yet, sometimes my son gives me that good feeling of having raised a thoughtful child.

mother and son
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I was at his school to pick him back home one day. It used to be a norm for the children to play for a while in the school’s sand pit after school hours while we moms would have a hearty chat together. Most often, there would a couple of trouble-causing kids who would love to disturb every one of the other happily playing children. And then the circus would begin – angry kids, whining kids, shouting-at-each-other kids, complaining kids. Their respective mothers would have to face a few negotiations in the next few minutes before they can pack them back home.

Like every other day, my son and his friends were playing in the sand pit that day. All of a sudden, one of the bullies, threw sand on my son’s face. It was quite gruesome that my son cried in agony. In to his open eyes, in to his open mouth, and on the whole of the face was sand. It took a while to clean him up and calm him down. After a few minutes, he felt better but that’s when he felt the rage to fight back. He jumped into the sand, held a handful of sand and ran chasing the other kid. In order to prevent any more commotion, we moms tried our best to stop my son but he was determined to take revenge. Understanding the height of his rage, at one point we let him chase. That moment came when both of them met face to face. All of us anticipated one more cry of agony. But surprisingly, my son after giving a sharp look at his rival, dropped the sand from his hand to the ground. He didn’t feel good to hurt him back or perhaps, he thought it was wrong. Or whatsoever his little heart felt, he came to me with contentment, held my hand and we walked back towards the gate. That moment, when I was walking back, I felt a beautiful wave of pride around me. Not of that kind which swells the head but of the kind which swells one’s heart and makes one’s head bow down.

Pride Motherhood quotes

There have been a few more of such instances when he had demonstrated the significance of good will he has imbibed and those were the times I’ve felt the most proud as a mother. It is touching to realize that our children are learning values from their parents, family and surrounding. And that one little beautiful wave, occasionally, is enough to melt down thousand other motherhood guilt!

Please share your proud mommy moments in the comments below.

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  1. Oh yes, definitely a proud moment for the mother Nandini. Kudos to you for imbibing good values in him.
    Once in class 7, my son was totalling his marks on the answer sheet of the term exam out of 100. He found that teacher had awarded him 5 marks extra while adding it up. Promptly he went and told the teacher about it. When he narrated the same to me, I too experienced the same surge of pride in me😊

  2. My oldest daughter was being harassed by a boy at school it had been going on for a while and she was getting pretty mad. She told me it was happening because she was considering just hurting this kid to make her point about leaving her alone. She wanted me to know I might be getting a call from the school. She had already been to see the guidance office people about it and he was still doing it.

    Instead I got a call the next day… It seems the kid grabbed her in the hallway, she grabbed him, by both ears and dragged him into the office. She put the kid in a chair and told the principle he better deal with it or she would… then left back to class.

    Kid got in trouble, Parents had to come get him. He never went near her again though.

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