Finding Dory with #ColgateMagicalStories

Last year, Colgate brand had come up with the idea of ‘Cut & Play’ royal family figurines on the back of the Colgate tooth paste packs. Kids did have fun with the little play things. Vihaan was two then. He might not remember any of the play times he had with those characters. But the lovely videos we had made will stay a cherished memory of his toddler years. You can watch the videos here and here.

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This year again Colgate has released ‘Cut & Play’ figurines of sea creatures. The characters include pirate Captain Black Bead, Saddie, Dolphins, Star fish, Sea turtle, Parrot, Puffer fish and many more along with a little note about each of them. Here’s the entire set:

Colgate sea creatures set 1

Colgate sea creatures set 2








Colgate sea creatures set 3

Colgate sea creatures set 4








When I asked Vihaan what story he can think of with these sea animals, without a thought he replied, “Finding Dory.” Well, that’s the recent movie we’d watched and with full of sea characters in the movie, he could at once relate it to these characters. I had cut them and gave it to him without prompting with any of my ideas. The video you see below is an unedited version of a story he had come up with. It is incoherent, well to us, but he was creating a story to himself. I can tell him 100’s of stories but one little story, though incoherent and without meaning from him at this age seemed certainly precious.

The summary is with all the characters, he was trying to take Dory back to his parents who live in the castle 🙂

From a little of his imagination and a little of mine, here’s a quick video story of our version of ‘Finding Dory’. You can re-tell to your children if you like.

The story from the video is re-told in the picture form below:

Dory missed her family while she was young. She is sad and alone.


Hang, the Octopus feels Dory’s sadness. Dory laments how she misses her family. Hang advises Dory to seek the help of pirates as they roam all round he sea.

dory and hang, the octopus

Dory swims a long way towards the pirate ship. Dory explains herself to Polly, the Parrot. Polly advices Dory to follow Captain Black Beard.

pirate ship

Dory follows Captain Black Beard. Oh no! A Lion Fish tries to attack Dory. It’s needle-like spine and teeth are poisonous. Run, Run, Dory! Finally, Dory manages to escape from the Lion Fish………..but alas! misses Captain Black Beard.

Captain black beard and lion fish

Dory meets Torty, the Turtle. She explains herself to Torty. Torty advises Dory to meet the Mermaid who lives down under the sea.

Sea turtle

Dory meets the Mermaid. The Mermaid advises Dory to search for a map near the ship wreck, at the bottom of the sea. The map has the way to the castle where she has heard Dory’s family lives.


After a day’s long swim, Dory spots the shipwreck…..but couldn’t find the map.


Sad, Dory meets Crabby, the Crab. Crabby says she is sure the map is with Starry, the Star Fish.


Dory finds Starry and is happy to know that the map is safe with her. Starry and her friends, Puffy, the Puffer Fish & Hippo, the Sea horse promise Dory to take her to the castle. All of a sudden, they find a Sting Ray, a Sword Fish and a Shark ready to attack them. After a heavy battle, they escape the attackers and reach the castle.

star fish, puffer fish, sea horse, sting ray, map, shark, sword fish

Dory slowly enters the castle gate….

under water sea castle

And lo! There’s Dory Mom and Dad running towards her! Atlast, Dory finds her family an they lived happily ever after.

Dory finds her parents


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