The Power of Constructive Parenting (Part I)

Haven’t met the royal family yet? Here’s our Little Vihaan to help you! 😆

Little children are such wonders that with them, we tend to fall back to our childhood once again. This is an interactive video of our 2-year-old Little Vihaan building a castle with the little figurines we got with the colgate packs. I did the cutting work for him and we started to build the castle together. He learnt these new characters of the royal family today – King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Knight and also, Castle, Tower, Witch and Dragon. For some reason, knight was his favourite 🙂

I don’t know if it might look trivial to some. But having closely watched a child grow, I’ve developed a sense of admiration to the little creative surprises that he gives me. I had no idea what story he would come up with the characters. And it was a surprise to watch him bring alive his own swimming fantasy in the characters too, many of whom he made to swim in the river next to the castle 😆 For a two-year old, this little act is also a magical story, isn’t it?

When I asked him, what else he thinks will live with the King’s family, he said ‘Animals’ 🙂 For the animal lover and water lover in him, I made him stick some aquatic animal characters around the castle.

I am glad to have helped Vihaan in learning new characters and spur his creativity in idealizing a magical story out of his fantasy. For a parent, it is such interactive play-and-learn times that remind us of the power of constructive parenting.

This shall remain a memorable play session for both of us. My thanks to Colgate and Indiblogger!

Here are other videos of children exploring their magical stories with toys that comes with the colgate packs:


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