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While cereal is had as breakfast around the world, guess what I have it for? Lunch? Dinner? C’mon, don’t underestimate my capacity. I have cereals instead of a morning coffee 😆

Mornings are important part of my days. Especially when my toddler wakes up before I do, even that little time of peace before the storm is gone. And in spite of running behind him, I ought to complete the major chunk of the day’s chores before midday. What it demands out of me, other than lots of patience, is energy! That’s why I keep a heavy diet for the mornings. I wake up to cereals and then go for a round of breakfast like dosa or porridge,  after a while. That’s how I look at cereals after all, light and refreshing.

But it’s different from H’s perspective.

When there is humpty things for me to do in the morning and H puts a heavy face for the dosa with the dry white chutney on the plate, what can give justice to both of us? Something easy to make, quick to prepare, healthy for the mornings, variety in flavour and feels good on the tongue – all of it, without compromising my morning chores! Didn’t sound practical until I heard of Mrs.Guptaji and what magic she does with cereals.

The best I can think of having cereals is with warm plain milk or cold soy milk. But when I heard about breakfast at Guptaji’s house, I realized how I’ve belittled the potential of cereals so long. I’ll tell you why.

Have you ever heard of :

  • Cornflake Coconut Ladoos
  • Sitaphal Cornflakes
  • Chapathi Cornflakes Chivda
  • Walnut Cornflakes Choco balls
  • Strawberry and Banana Cornflakes
  • Cornflake Popcorn Clusters
  • Cabbage Corn Basil
  • Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes


This is just a few of the 100+ cornflake recipes made at Guptaji’s house for breakfast. Awh!!!!!! And if you check the recipes, you cannot turn without appreciating the nutritional values, savour and the speed and ease of the preparation.

Here is one:

Cornflakes Popcorn Clusters seemed interesting to me. quarter cup of butter, quarter cup of brown sugar and quarter cup of honey should be gently cooked. To this, one cup cornflakes, half cup of salted popcorn, half cup of salted nuts and quarter cup of toffee pieces are added and mixed well. This mixture is then spread onto a baking tray and let to cool.

It came out yummy!

This is just one of it. Imagine at Guptaji’s house, there’s a new mouth watering breakfast everyday.

Now, tell me how can one refrain from visiting his home in the morning?!

Well, now who’s Guptaji?

Ha! Check for yourself his YouTube Channel here!

If you are more curious about the recipes than Guptaji, check his Facebook page here.

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