50 Simple Things that make me Happy

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20th March was the International Happiness Day! I am not sure if there is a dedicated date for other emotions. But definitely we must build upon huge celebrations every year for the Happiness Day just like we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Well, without much munching, let me hit it straight.

Here’s a pretty list of 50 small things that makes me go Yay!!! Do share in the comments if one or more coincides with your’s too. Just for fun, try listing things that make you happy. Just do; you will know why!

In random order……

1. Hot Chocolate Fudge with fried nuts topping

2. Set paper boats on sail in rain waters

3. Chilled Coke after a long walk in hot Sun

4. Wake up before my toddler son does

5. Sit on the shore and imagine the lives of the sea voyagers in the distant boats

6. A comment to my blog posts 😉

7. Laugh out loud on silly Vivek and Santhanam movie jokes in TV

8. H returns home early from office

9. Step on dry leaves to hear them crumble

10. My son emptying his meal up to the last spoon

11. Receive a surprise call from a long time friend

12. Big window shopping

13. Car drive, simply even to the next street, when H is driving 😉

14. Dairy Milk that’s already melted inside its wrapper

15. Gifts

16. Realize H has already made coffee for us when I wake up (only a dream yet)

17. A ride in toy train

18. Rasagulla

19. Lazily browsing without a purpose

20. Sit back relaxed on the couch, taking a look around home, after cleaning up all day

21. A hot tea on a rainy evening; more yay! if it’s made by somebody other than me

22. A kiss from my son

23. Read an interesting and engaging fiction

24. Watch my son sleep

25. Packing stuff for a long vacation

26. Adrenaline-rushing roller coaster ride

27. Swim like no one’s watching

28. Watch H dance pathetically to loud music

29. Watch my son dance happily along with his dad’s pathetic moves

30. An extraordiary appreciation for my cooking

31. Twitter notification beep tone

32. Realize I don’t have to do the dishes for the day

33. After having been an interesting host to my guests

34. A book review request from an author

35. A delivery from Flipkart

36. Turn to my pre-pregnancy shape and fit into my old clothes

37. A Twitter contest win

38. Buy something for mom, dad, sis and nieces

39. Those little numbers in red on Facebook notification panel, soon after I upload a photo; more the yay! with more the number.

40. Something new that my son learns

41. Watch a thriller movie without interuption

42. Watch little kids play together

43. Meet my little nieces on skype

44. Bright, colourful flowers

45. H says we are dining out when I am too lazy to step into the kitchen (without me having to tell him)

46. Exploring toys in a toy shop

47. See or hear someone is pregnant. That was the most beautiful period in my life and I feel happy for all pregnant women.

48. Weeding feast or a birthday party snacks

49. Watching Lord Krishna in the Vijay TV Mahabharatha serial 😆

50. H decides a surprise off to office

The list is not complete. I have a lot more………………

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  1. Lot of unhealthy food stuff here, but that’s ok occasionally 😉 I too am thinking of compiling a list like this on my blog, but it will be a difficult task for me!

    Destination Infinity

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