Taking a Love Ride

“This is an imaginary post written for Cupid Games 2015 activity at Indi Happy Hours in association with Close Up.”

Photo Courtesy: www.canstockphoto.com

I’ve been a member of a popular Bullet Club in the city since six months now. I was only an amateur bike rider until I joined the club. Especially, being a woman biker has put me into awkward situations many a times on the road, as most passers-by often made me feel like a chimpanzee that escaped from its zoo premises. However, ever since I joined the bullet club team, I’ve been feeling different.

I’ve been to a few road trips, with the team, over the weekends. It’s during one of those trips that I met him. He willingly acted my mentor and there was much I learnt and experienced with his company. He introduced to me a new dimension of bulleting, beyond the gears. With his influence, the intensity of the bond I have with my bullet has certainly heightened. A sense of attuning with the unlimited potentiality within me springs up every time I gear up the accelerator a little more. Without him, I wouldn’t have known the joy that biking gives one – an ecstasy of freedom; that I am no longer bound by conditions.

With time, I couldn’t help falling in for him and I vaguely see a passionate emotion in him towards me, as well. I am sure the coming Valentine’s day can make the best occasion to express my heart to him. Luckily for me, the club has planned an adventure trip to a breath-taking destination through the East Coast Road on the 14th and 15th February. With fingers crossed, he wouldn’t miss this trip, so wouldn’t I.

Most of us take our own bullets during the trips. However, our members have the freedom to be the pillion rider if a biker is willing to take one on his bike. For the coming up trip, I plan to ask him to accommodate me as his pillion rider. It is going to be a 350km overnight drive on 13th, the Friday. I assume the night ride with the sounds of the Crickets and the sea waves at the background would give enough closeness to both of us to fall into the right emotions for the following day’s commemoration. May be I will fantasize being a Queen on my knight’s horse?!

During the early dawn hours on 14th, the Saturday, I will ask him to halt for a while. I would then get off his bullet and offer to ride the next five kilometers so that he can rest for a while. He would willingly take the back seat. With a nervous thrill through my spine, for the first time, I will take him for a ride; for a love ride!

His body would now shield me from the cold winds, giving me the subtle sensuality of being with my life-long hero I’ve been searching for, all through the years. He would give me instructions on and off which I would follow with the pride of taking my mentor behind me. In a short while, before the Sun could rise above the horizons, I would take my opportunity and give in a liberal force to the accelerator, making the thrill hormones gush within us from head to toe.

And in that ecstatic state, I will proclaim my love for him, at my maximum pitch, that even winds would pause their background noises for a while, for him to hear the desires of my heart.

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